Welcome to the official site of Good Ol' Boards, home of classic windsurf-equipment.

What started out as a single person hobby, we rapidly found out that there's a worldwide interest in boards, sails and gear.

Thats why we chose to buy classic Mistral boards, repair them professional if this is needed, and sell them to those who love them and still use them.

Good ol' Boards is an official Mistral dealer, and is allowed to sell all the equipment and clothing of Mistral, and has approval to use footage of Mistral for promotional purposes.

Due to a good partnership we now offer spareparts for most of the Mistral classic (Old School) boards.

We keep a very extensive stock and with are solid network, we will be able to get you the part(s) you need.

Note: Its nearly impossible to put every single part in the shop, thats why we kindly ask you to send us your request , using our contactform.

If you're interested to buy a Classic Mistral board, or if you are looking for a specific part: feel free to contact us through our contact form.

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